practical and reliable tewl, evaporation and permeability measurements

The VapoMeter is the only fully portable instrument available for the measurement of TEWL (transepidermal water loss) values. TEWL is a well known indicator of the skin's barrier function. These are some of the key VapoMeter benefits:

  • Non-invasive, practical and easy to use
  • Closed chamber measurement principle - non-sensitive to ambient airflows
  • Does not change skin's normal evaporation, no artificial micro-climate in chamber
  • Measurements are orientation independent and fast, typically about 10 seconds
  • Light, portable and battery-operated - ideal also outside the laboratory
  • Wireless data collection to PC
  • Suitable for both in-vivo and in-vitro measurements
  • Accurate in low and high evaporation rate levels - operational range up to 300 g/m²h
  • No daily start-up or calibration procedure - instantly ready to use

The VapoMeter is widely accepted as the most practical and efficient instrument for TEWL measurements. Optional, changeable adapters are available for use on small areas and for in-vitro set-ups.

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Pharmatetical industry
Personal care industries
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Animal health & zoology