Practical and reliable TEWL, evaporation and permeability measurements

The VapoMeter is the only fully portable instrument available for the measurement of TEWL (transepidermal water loss) values and evaporation rates. TEWL is a well known indicator of the skin's barrier function.

The VapoMeter is battery-operated and portable. This offers great freedom of movement and the possibility of measuring difficult areas. Changeable and re-usable adapters are available for different in-vivo and in-vitro user applications.

The core of the VapoMeter is a sensitive humidity sensor that is inside a cylindrical measurement chamber. This chamber is closed by the skin or other measurement surface during the measurement period and is unaffected by ambient airflows. The sensor monitors the increase of relative humidity (RH) inside the chamber during the measurement. The evaporation rate value (g/m²h) is automatically calculated from the RH increase. The chamber is passively ventilated between measurements and the ventilation time is automatically controlled.

The VapoMeter is widely accepted as the most practical and efficient instrument for TEWL measurements. See the video presentation of the VapoMeter below.

The link below leads to a list of published articles divided into different application areas.

Reference publications of the VapoMeter

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See also the special Eye-VapoMeter for tear evaporation rate measurements!

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