Rapid measurement of skin's deep hydration

Measurement of water changes at epidermal level provides important information to assist with understanding skin healthiness and the effect of products and ingredients on the skin. Delfin’s unique MoistureMeterD product family introduces a practical and cost-effective way to measure skin hydration at the epidermal layer.

The MoistureMeterEpiD is an all-in-one measurement unit that is composed of an integrated probe, a built-in contact force sensor and a display. The LCD display shows non-invasively measured values in percentage of local tissue water (0 to 100 %) effectively in the epidermis.

The MoistureMeterEpiD generates a high frequency, 300 MHz, low power electromagnetic (EM) wave which the tissue is exposed to. The reflected EM wave is registered and the obtained value is a dielectric constant, which is proportional to the water content of the measured tissue. The value increases with increasing epidermal hydration.

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