World Leader in Portable Skin and Edema Measurement Instruments

Delfin Technologies is a medical device company that develops, produces and markets scientifically validated and specialized, hand-held skin and edema measurement instruments. Delfin’s products are used worldwide across a diverse range of R&D scenarios, academic research and clinical and therapeutic applications.

Easy to use wireless technology. Accurate and reliable results in seconds.

The links below contain information on the most general application areas.


Lymphedema, hyperhidrosis, wound healing and dermatology are clinical applications, which have benefited from the use of Delfin devices. Published research supports the use of our instruments in these areas.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Both topical and internal medications can cause changes to the skin barrier or the water content of skin tissue.  Delfin instruments are used to measure the skin's functional changes and test the effects of drugs on the skin.  Use in this area often concentrates on measurements in safety and irritation studies.

Apart from clinical trials, Delfin products are also suitable for in-vitro measurements and various animal model applications.

Personal Care Industries

Delfin recognizes the increasingly important need to have reliable claims validation and safety information for both regulatory and marketing purposes. Our products have an established role in determining the efficacy, safety and performance characteristics for personal care and cosmetic products. Delfin Instruments are extremely practical to use for in-house studies, product formulation and other research and development work.

Testing Labs & CRO's

Delfin instruments are practical and easy to use. Short measurement times, orientation free positioning and wireless data collection add to the convenience of use and subject comfort. The DelfWin PC software features include the creation of projects, collection of measurement data and exporting of project data to other programs for further analysis.

Delfin instruments have been used and/or cited in hundreds of published scientific papers and posters, as well as for numerous clinical studies performed in testing laboratories and CRO’s. 

Delfin products are well validated and established scientific instruments.  Their use in studies is safe, efficient and cost-effective. Delfin products are ISO certified and we are audited annually by external independent auditing officials.

Animal Health & Zoology

Animal skins can easily be measured and assessed with Delfin instruments. Horses, dogs and cats have all been subject to measurements. The changes in animal skin conditions is an important indication vis-à-vis the effect of nutritional and hair care products. Furthermore, Delfin products are used to research physiological phenomena in the skin of cattle, lizards, birds and frogs, animals that have earlier been difficult or impossible to measure.

Delfin instruments are battery powered, portable and easy to use in field conditions.

MedicinePharmaceutical industryPersonal care industriesTesting labs & CRO'sAnimal health & zoology
MedicinePharmatetical industryPersonal care industriesTesting labs & CRO'sAnimal health & zoology