MoistureMeterD Compact

Local measurements of tissue water and skin edema

The MoistureMeterD Compact is a single depth portable model of the multiprobe MoistureMeterD unit. It is a unique water-specific instrument for the measurement of water content of biological tissues. It measures the tissue dielectric constant (TDC) in the skin and subcutis non-invasively and locally in a few seconds. The TDC is converted into water percentage on a scale from 0 to 100 %.

The MoistureMeterD Compact is fully portable and wireless. The effective measurement depth is 2.5 mm in our current model. Models with other measurement depths can be developed to meet specific application requirements. The unit has a built-in contact pressure sensor for enhanced repeatability and user-independent measurements.

The practicality of the MoistureMeterD Compact makes it an ideal tool for measurements in clinical settings and therapy centers for assessing tissue water, edema and effects of treatment.

Applications for the MoistureMeterD Compact vary from assessing medical conditions to research and development of pharmaceutical, wound care and personal care products affecting tissue water content. See the video presentation of the MoistureMeterD Compact below.

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