Local measurements of tissue water and edema

The Delfin MoistureMeterD is a unique water-specific instrument for the measurement of water content of biological tissues. It measures the dielectric constant of the skin and subcutaneous tissues non-invasively and locally in a few seconds. The tissue dielectric constant (TDC) is directly proportional to the amount of water in the tissue. The TDC value increases with increasing water content and edema.

The desktop MoistureMeterD model consists of a measuring unit and four probes for different measurement depths from 0.5 mm to 5 mm in effective measurement depths. There is also a single probe MoistureMeterD Compact available for edema measurement down to the depth of 2.5 mm.

Applications for the MoistureMeterD vary from assessing medical conditions to research and development of pharmaceutical, wound care and personal care products affecting tissue water content.

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Reference publications of the MoistureMeterD

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