Accurate measurements of skin gloss

Skin gloss measurements are performed in the research and development of personal care products and related claims substantiation work. Gloss is defined as the specular reflection of light from a surface.

The SkinGlossMeter is a portable instrument for measuring the specularly reflecting light from skin and other non-planar surfaces. In the SkinGlossMeter the light beam reflects back at the same angle as it contacts the measured surface. The SkinGlossMeter does not measure scattered light as this is not related to the actual definition of gloss.

As a light source the instrument has a built-in 635 nm red semiconductor diode laser. The laser’s spot size diameter at the surface level is 50 μm. The use of red light is ideal as it has superior reflective capabilities from the skin.

The SkinGlossMeter is fully portable and has a built-in rechargeable battery. The practicality of the instrument allows measurements also on difficult body areas like lips and nails. The SkinGlossMeter also has full wireless data transfer capability to the Delfin Modular Core software.

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