Unique indentation instrument for tissue induration measurements

Measuring tissue induration has been challenging with conventional devices that alter the measured tissue structure. To eliminate this and to introduce a quick and practical induration measurement, Delfin has developed the new portable SkinFibroMeter.

The SkinFibroMeter utilizes an indenter that is briefly pressed on the skin. The skin and especially the subcutaneous tissue resist the change in shape to external force of the indenter. The skin response under a short-term load indicates tissue induration properties.

The SkinFibroMeter consists of a 1.25 mm length indenter, a reference plate and related built-in force sensors. The device is briefly pressed against the skin and the contact pressure is registered. The indenter imposes a constant deformation when the reference plate is in full contact with the skin. The skin and the underlying upper subcutis resist the deformation and the induration value in Newtons (N) is determined.

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