LymphScanner - Regional lymphedema

Rapid scanning of regional lymphedema

Measuring the percentage water content (PWC) of the tissue is useful in early detection of lymphedema. PWC values vary by measurement site and thus a measurement method capable of rapid skin scanning helps lymphologists and therapists to get spatial information on the regional extent of lymphedema.

The function of the fully portable LymphScanner is based on the TDC measurement. The measurement reading is reported as the percentage water content (PWC). When the measurement probe is moved on the skin from site to site, the LymphScanner displays the PWC on-site and calculates also the ratio of the reading with respect to the PWC of the selected reference skin site. Scanning all potential sites of edema develops information of the regional distribution of edema.

The measurement principle of the LymphScanner is the same as of the MoistureMeterD Compact.

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