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Delfin instruments are practical and easy to use. Short measurement times, orientation free positioning and wireless data collection add to the convenience of use and subject comfort. The Delfin Modular Core PC software features include the creation of projects, collection of measurement data and exporting of project data to other programs for further analysis.

Delfin instruments have been used or cited in hundreds of published scientific papers, abstracts and posters, as well as in numerous clinical studies performed in testing laboratories and CROs.

Delfin products are well validated and established scientific instruments. Their use in studies is safe, efficient and cost-effective. Delfin products are ISO certified and we are audited annually by an external independent auditing official.

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Easy skin sebum measurements

Elegant indentation instrument for skin elasticity measurements

Accurate measurements of skin shine

Reliable TEWL, evaporation and permeability measurements

Unique indentation instrument for tissue induration measurements

Advanced technology for skin color measurements
Sensitive skin surface hydration measurements

Rapid measurement of skin's deep hydration

MoistureMeterD Compact
Local skin and subcutaneous edema measurements

Local measurements of tissue water at different depths

Delfin Modular Core Software
PC software for wireless data collection
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